Don B. Mea LLC Real Estate Investments

Don B. Mea LLC - Real Estate Investments


Don B. Mea LLC specializes in the purchase, rehabilitation and resale of distressed residential properties throughout the United States. Through the implementation of professional project management strategies, we have successfully rehabilitated prime real estate for a generous return on our initial investments into repairs, remodels and improvements.

Don B. Mea LLC is looking for potential lenders interested in learning about our company and educating them on the benefits of becoming a lender. We are always engaging in great new project opportunities for our future lenders. Plus, we provide our current lenders with continual project updates and progress galleries.

We have had a number of great successes throughout the country and invite you to learn more about how you too can contribute. Contact us today to find out how you can become a Don B. Mea LLC lender or read about our success stories.